Arizona Interlocks   1803 E Rio Salado Pkwy 106 Tempe,AZ85281   (480) 699-1393
Arizona Interlocks
1803 E Rio Salado Pkwy 106
TempeAZ 85281
 (480) 699-1393

Reviews Of Arizona Interlocks

5.00 11 Reviews
Trin D
Jun 05, 2018

Jerry Morales
Mar 28, 2018

Impulsive Poker
Mar 22, 2018

Hector is very nice thanks for the reviews that helped me choose AZ interlocks. I’m on my 4th month out of 6 months and I used hand sanitizer right before Blowing into my interlock at start up and got a .03 bac reading just a heads up everyone talks about being careful about mouth wash but no one talks about hand sanitizer, please avoid because it just cost me $50 and a hell of stressful thoughts. I appreciate Hector answering his phone after hours to assure me that it would not extend me because it was not a 0.8 or higher and it was my first screw up. Throw the hand sanitizer out of the car believe me.

Bob Moses
Feb 15, 2018

Easiest interlock experience ever. Don’t go anywhere else and get conned by false positives!!

Feb 12, 2018

Though the experience with having to carry the device is not one anyone would call pleasant, I was more than happy with Hector (installer/mechanic)and the device itself. It is a blow only device rather than those out there that require the driver to blow/hum/suck and I had no difficulties with the device throughout the 6 months I was required to carry it. I called Hector directly after reading the horrific reviews of all other interlock device companies to gauge his customer service and that conversation is why I chose to go with AZ Interlocks/ Budget as my provider. Hector takes your calls personally and if you have any trouble, will be the one you call to get it addressed rather than a call center. I think I paid a little more choosing this company, but it was worth it for the peace of mind. Thank you for making the experience as painless as possible considering the circumstances.

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